#48 Love

Feb. 14th, 2015 08:47 am
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You were always here for me, despite everything, letting me be touched, keeping me safe, often times driving me insane, but you ARE my passion, my inspiration, my comfort, and I AM in LOVE with you now more than ever.

#48 Love

Feb. 14th, 2015 08:46 am
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For years I thought I didn't believe in it; I struggled ,letting go only when we were in bed but then I realized there's no turning back, I am IN love with you and you're part of my life, forever.

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Brian had planned a nice long honeymoon in a resort up in the mountains with Justin so they could relax after their busy wedding weekend but it turned into a wild crazy fucking honeymoon before they even left their house.

#36 Sleep

Feb. 13th, 2015 04:19 pm
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Brian and Justin would usually sleep in on Sundays after a long hard night of fucking but that morning they knew they would have to make minor adjustments and wake up early since it was their wedding day after all.

#46 Roses

Feb. 13th, 2015 04:14 pm
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Justin didn't want his and Brian's wedding cake decorations to be too over the top or ridiculously romantic but he did insist on having a Golden Gardenia and White roses cake toppers which he so artfully designed all by himself.

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When Ted was asked to present the rings and kept searching his inside pocket forever to retrieve them just when it mattered the most Brian's heart sank but then Justin beamed at his future husband and all was well again.

#13 commit

Feb. 13th, 2015 04:07 pm
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Once it became legal in Pennsylvania Brian and Justin were so ready to commit to each other that they didn't even mind to go all the way and do so in front of all their friends and extended family members.

#11 Honor

Feb. 13th, 2015 04:05 pm
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Finalizing all the details of his impending nuptials to Justin Brian made sure there's one thing he wouldn't forget apart from the rings and vows and that's asking Debbie to do him the honor and walk him down the aisle.

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Extremely rough sex was never really part of Brian and Justin's sexual repertorie, unless they started teasing and then continued fighting naked on the floor, trying to figure out who would end up on top later that night in bed.

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Thrusting vigorously in and out of Justin's body Brian suddenly slows down and keeps breathing deep long steady breaths knowing it would help elongate the moment, increasing the amount of pleasure he is experiencing before coming hard in Justin's hole.

#12 Bite

Feb. 11th, 2015 05:45 pm
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Feeling Brian's distinctive deep taste on his tongue Justin lifts himself off bed, swallows hard and leans forward to press his mouth to Brian's, pulling back instinctively when Brian's bite on his lips leaves him groaning with pleasure and pain.

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Despite his huge collection of sex toys Brian is not the edible sex products kinda guy but he can't resist temptation when Justin lay naked in bed, grins at him, seductively presenting a jar of dark chocolate flavored body paint.

#35 Flat

Feb. 10th, 2015 10:31 pm
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Ever so often Brian enjoys lying flat on his back naked and drenched in sweat, letting Justin ride him, sensually fucking himself on his cock, watching Justin's beautiful face opening up, washed with pure unadulterated pleasure while reaching his climax.

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Brian and Justin always knew that a day would come when they would become monogamous and tie the knot not because of laws, rules or social conventions but because they simply wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

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After Justin had finally returned from New York he and Brian moved into their house and never even spoke about sacrifice, not even once because they were too fucking busy just living their lives, taking each day at a time.

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Lying awake watching his naked blond sleeping peacefully by his side in their bed Brian's cock or maybe his heart suddenly twitches as he smiles, quietly wondering why he never believed in love, destiny and happy ever after until now.

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The room was silent except for the heavy breathing and moans escaping from Justin as Brian expertly worked his tongue along Justin's cock, flicking over the slit, slowly teasing Justin until he was ready to scream.

15. Tender

Feb. 10th, 2015 12:46 pm
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It was a tender moment, shared between two lovers who were finding each other all over again, that became the fresh start Brian and Justin deserved.

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To celebrate the love that dare not speak it's name (and Justin's perfectly shaped ass), let's write and share some one-liners (Vday themed or otherwise)! Posting can begin anytime, but make sure to save one or two to post on Saturday the 14th!

Please refresh yourself with the RULES, especially:
Only one sentence. If you use a period the sentence is finished. Please limit run-on sentences.

Please also limit yourself to a max of 2 or 3 prompts per one-liner.

In the subject line, write in the prompt # and word (ie 8. Electrify). In the body of the text, all that is needed is the one-liner. Also, please tag all your posts with heart shaped ass day 2015 and your user name. Thanks.

Most importantly, have fun!! I can’t wait to read them all! :)

50 Word Prompt Table )

2. Flicker

Dec. 26th, 2014 09:27 pm
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The candle lights flickered in rhythm with Justin's breaths as Brian fucked him over the kitchen table.


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