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Justin's sunshine smile practically beamed when he saw Gus and Brian run through the rain soaking wet, waving their rainbow flags.

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Deb wore her most colorful Pride outfit when she strutted proudly down the street with Gus and JR by her side.

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Seeing Justin dressed in nothing but a pair of tight fitting leather shorts made Brian rethink his decision to not take part in this year’s rainbow festivities.

#9 crowds

Jun. 28th, 2013 02:43 pm
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Crowds of people filled Liberty Avenue to celebrate the news as marriage equality for all moved one step closer, but they knew there was still so much more work to be done.

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Displaying his Pride spirit by wearing skin tight jeans and a too small t-shirt with a rainbow on it, Justin told a protesting Craig that maybe it was his own sexuality that was truly in question and not Justin's.
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Dancing in the streets with Brian’s arms wrapped around him helped Justin more than months of therapy had managed to do.

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When Gus said, “Justin blows better than Daddy,” Justin broke down in laughter, ignoring the glare Brian shot him from behind the balloon.

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PFLAG mom or not, Jennifer couldn’t help but blush when Brian practically fucked her son on the float right in front of her.

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Babylon filled with smiles as the crowd watched the soaking wet contestants all line up for the Best Wet Undies Contest.
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Justin felt the heat in his groin rise watching a naked Brian strut around the loft as he conducted business on the phone, stirring images of their backroom adventures following the pride party the night before.

9. Crowds

Jun. 19th, 2013 08:43 pm
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Justin felt a sense of panic begin to form as he warily watched the crowds gathering in the park to celebrate pride, then felt the panic fade at the touch of Brian's hand on his back.
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Brian smiled as he considered the only good thing about having a pool during this ridiculously hot summer was his Sunshine in a very tiny blue Speedo.
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No one was surprised to see Kinnetik's float was a tasteful representation of gay culture with an array of rainbow streamers; they were only surprised Kinnetik actually had a float.
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With a look of fear in her eyes, Melanie took in the huge headpiece made of feathers, glitter swimsuit, and spiked heels then shouted, "Linds, our daughter wants to march with us dressed like a Las Vegas showgirl… or Emmett!"
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Drew admired the colorful body glitter covering his partner's chest, but was even more enamored of Emmett's new tangerine ass-less leather chaps with the fuchsia cock and ball harness attached to the front.
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Adam has already finished his set and went off stage, the air around Liberty Avenue is thick with smoke and sweat, but Justin and Emmett are still standing together, soaking it all in, dancing with the crowd.

#001 pride

Jun. 16th, 2013 05:52 pm
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"Happy Pride, how's it going?" Ted asks as he turns to the man standing next to him at Woody's, and Blake turns his face towards him, gently kissing him on his lips.

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Ted stood tall and proud on the pride float in his pink, purple and gold spandex suit with the large SQ glittering in the sun, his rainbow colored cape flowing in the breeze, his family cheering – he really was SuperQueer!

(I couldn't resist just one more.)
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Ben's eyes grew wide as he looked at the outfit Emmett was trying to hold up to him; then he turned and walked away hearing Emmett calling out to him, "But you'd make a great SuperQueer!"


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