Jun. 23rd, 2011 08:46 pm
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Justin thinks years haven’t been kind on his face, all he sees is a cobweb but every time Brian touches those lines, all he sees is every single time Justin smiled for him, and him only
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Author:[ profile] guavejuice
Prompt: taste

Each morning after Brian loudly comes in Justin's mouth, he kisses his own taste off Justin's lips and contemplates if he should just lay there for ever.
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Author:[ profile] guavejuice
Prompt: lick

I let myself indulge in the pleasure of Justin's tongue licking my balls and his lips sucking my cock, realizing the twat definitely learned from the master.
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All Mine

Author:[ profile] guavejuice
Prompt: Erection

Gazing at Brian's hard cock glistening near my opening, I shiver slightly knowing this thing of beauty is mine and I won't have to share it with anyone else, ever again.
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Author:[ profile] guavejuice

Prompt: oil

Brian resented the idea at first, but his reservation quickly flew out the bedroom window on a wave of loud groans as Justin's oily fingers milked every drop of pleasure out of him.
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His soft, wet tongue grazed across my right nipple, which sent shivers of pleasure coursing through my body as I lay spread out and exposed on his bed.

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His hair was still wet from the shower as I threaded my fingers through it, massaging his scalp; this elicited soft moans from Justin, which soon led to his cock pressing into my thigh and his begging me to fuck him.

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The ring
Author:[ profile] guavejuice

Prompt: ring
Justin shut his eyes and kept squirming as the metal pierced the tender flash, but through the pain he kept picturing the joy in Brian's eyes when he finds out about it.
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[ profile] guavejuice


Brian was almost out of breath as he kept pushing his tongue through Justin's lips and his cock through his crack, until he came so hard Cynthia had to knock on the door.
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I just want your Kiss

Author:[ profile] guavejuice

Prompt: Kiss

Justin wiggled his skilled tongue around Brian's slit, driving him over the edge, feeling his lover's warm cum down his throat, and finishing off with a wet sticky kiss at the base of his cock.


Jun. 14th, 2011 05:13 pm
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Brian gently runs his fingers through Justin’s hair and wonders what nightmares still hide behind those fragile eyelids


Jun. 14th, 2011 05:11 pm
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It’s dangerous and he knows it, but as he holds a tired Justin in his arms and soothingly whispers ‘my sweet boy’ to him, he can only hope the light of day will erase the memory of his tenderness
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Author:[ profile] guavejuice

Prompt: reading

As the book slowly fell out of his hands, Brian feels Justin's breathing even out as he relaxes and nestles against his chest, and with that he closes his eyes and knows he is finally home
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Just as Good

Author:[ profile] guavejuice
Prompt: sleep
Brian felt his eye lids growing heavy, and as the small, blond-haired figure spooned him, he sighed happily, thinking it's just as good as toping.


Jun. 13th, 2011 01:23 pm
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As the cell door clicks shut behind him, Ted and Mickey, Brian makes a mental note to get a new set of handcuffs; he and Justin had just a little too much fun with the last pair.
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We’d apparently forgotten to disconnect our webcam connection from earlier because when I returned to my laptop I was overwhelmed by the voyeuristic opportunity to watch Brian run his hand up and down his shaft; moaning ‘Justin’ as he came.

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At the risk of sounding sentimental, now that Justin’s gone, I don’t sleep very well without him in my arms.

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He feels Brian pounding into him, possessing him, making him his and yet, Justin has never felt more free, free to be what he really is


Jun. 13th, 2011 07:37 am
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It’s when Justin clings to him, head on his chest, soft breath in the crook of his neck that Brian understands what freedom is: not being afraid of being loved anymore.
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Fall asleep

Author:[ profile] guavejuice


For the first time in six months Justin is able to fall asleep, knowing Brian's warm cock and sweet embrace are only inches away.


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