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Name:Queer As Folk One-liners
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This is a place to post one sentence fics, complete in themselves. They are not prompts.

* Only one sentence. If you use a period the sentence is finished. Please limit run-on sentences.
Unless a question mark or exclamation point comes within dialogue, then the sentence is over as well. See:

* No more than 40 words

* Please spell check the line

* Please refrain from using the typical fic headers (No need for title, author, etc.)

*No need for a cut, unless you think it's just too diiirty not to be.

* Crack!fic welcome

* No MPreg, unless it's crack!fic

* No crossovers

* No Brian/Michael (unless they're friends)

* No flaming


Brian lets his hand hover over Justin's ass, which is radiating heat from the spanking. (Good sentence)

The sky is blue and he is going for a walk. (Bad sentence. It needs to be 'obvious' who is doing what...and more interesting!)

WARNING! This journal is for adults only.

The beautiful banner, and the icon are made by mander3_swish

Note: The idea for this comm was by the lovely Techgirl (techgirl_on_ij)
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